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God and the Father

They say our perception of God is colored by our perception of our fathers.
My God is a good one. Wise, patient, loving, just, silly, challenging, sacrificial, a bit inexplicable at times, but unceasingly speaking truth in grace.
And for this God I am very, very grateful.

For my father, who taught me about this God and continues to remind me of his creator, I am more grateful than words can express.
I’m not sure my father even realizes just how much I respect, admire, emulate, and love him. There have certainly been times when I thought him a tyrant, prude, or even a heretic… But I realize God is none of those things. And this man who strives to remember God is none of those things.

You, not a tyrant, have helped create who I am by making decisions for me, when I was too unsure to make them myself.
You, not a prude, have modeled a different way of life that leads to so much more than we can ever comprehend.
And you, perhaps still a heretic, have taught me to think for myself – question the orthodox, challenge convention, reject normalcy for the sake of normalcy, and remain bored with satisfaction. (It may cause me to meet a few pirates along the way, but at least I will have made some friends.)

Thank you.
Thank you, Dad.
Thank you for choosing us.
Thank you for crafting me into who I am.
Thank you for reminding me of what really matters.
Thank you for being a manifestation of who God is, and how God loves.
You are my hero.

I love you.

So does Mom, and so does that other kid you are crafting.

Happy Father’s Day.
Your ock.


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One thought on “God and the Father

  1. Jess, I have read this many times over but have never commented. I can’t think of the right words to say … it means so much to hear you speak like this about the man you call Dad. It affirms my decision (again, many times over) to ask him to be your “forever daddy”.

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