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the pilgrimage: Henri Nouwen and my own topsy-turvy little heart

B Day

The last two days have been miraculously filled with many of my favorite things that start with the letter B. Let’s revert back to our Sesame Street naievete and appreciate this moment.

Busses (three)
Bob Dylan
Benny and Joon
Bryan Feil
Building a Culture of Peace Week
Big Band
Back to the Future
Becky Kruse

But not beef.


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3 thoughts on “B Day

  1. Never before have I so wished my name started with the letter “b”. What do you think of Bara? Bara Rose Briber?

  2. I love that you are back to blogging :) Now, I’m excited to check your blog each day and wait in anticipation for new posts!

  3. Hey Jessica! Haha, not creepy at all, I’m glad you’ve been enjoying my stuff. Umm…CSM. I can really only speak from experience for the LA site, but I loved it. I would probably do it again. Incredibly long hours every week. An exhausting summer. But just…I can’t say enough good things. Of course all of that is about LA. It really depends on who you work for, and who you work with. Here’s what I’ll say:It’s Evangelical to the extent that it proclaims Jesus. There aren’t any tracts or Bible-thumping, but it is about God with a capital G- and God’s love for the city. In terms of its philosophy of ministry, it really seeks to be a partner with people who want to partner. It doesn’t do things from the disaster toursit standpoint. As staff, you really do build great relationships with people in the city, and help folks coming in build those relationships as well.Going into my experience with CSM I could not have been more skeptical about “short term missions,” or the Americansuburban”Christian”church, but I came out of it very blessed. God really used it to change my heart (or begin to change my heart) in so many ways. I’ve thought about wanting to do it more permanently (or at least for a short while!) again in the future. Clearly, I’d say do it, haha. But if you have specific reservations/questions, I’d be happy to talk about those as well.

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