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the pilgrimage: Henri Nouwen and my own topsy-turvy little heart

christmas break discoveries

In the few days away from my usual life of tedious and/or invigorating academics, the company of twenty other young women residents, the tranquility of covering books, the same pre-planned lunch each day of the week, and a real bed –
I have learned that…

My little brother is ridiculous. He tells us to stop “exasperating” him and then claims that he has a limited vocabulary so he can’t be held to his words. I can’t wait to see that kid grow up.

I really, really enjoy citrus fruits. I never have in my life, until a few weeks ago. I’m glad for the change of heart!

The Big Lebowski is really not worth your time, if you’ve been pondering it. Don’t even worry about it.

I need a coat.

The Bible would have turned out very different if written by women. Currently reading The Red Tent by Anita Diamant… It’s written from the perspective of Dinah, an often-overlooked Old Testament character from the days of Jacob, his twelve sons, and his four wives. Now really, do we ever stop and think what kind of everyday life that messy family would have experienced?

Moccasins don’t mix well with rain. Neither does very hot chocolate mix well with an unsuspecting tongue.

What have you learned?


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3 thoughts on “christmas break discoveries

  1. I have learned that:There is nothing like a city covered in soft, sparkling snow during Christmas.There is no such thing as boredom in the company of good friends.Cable TV + DVR + addictive personality = 10 lbs added to Sara’s lazy butt over Christmas break. Cocoa tastes better when it’s snowing. And when you add marshmallows.And lastly… there is no place like home. (Clicks ruby slipper-clad heels together thrice.)

  2. i am pretty sure that i just read that the big labowski is NOT worth your time!!!! that is crazy talk. and you know what??? your out of your element jessica (a quote from goodman) i think it is hilarious, did u watch it by yourself? anyways that is my thought on the moviei totally see where you are coming from w/ your entry about the mysterious of jesus. as we mature and grow in him and in life i think it is awesome how things become much more meaninful and something more real

  3. I was talking to my brother about the Big Lebowski, and he claims that everyone who hates it the first time loves it the second time. So maybe you should give it one more try.

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