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sabbath and reflection

“We are not a very reflective culture,” said somebody quite wise.

That is really too bad…. how much are we missing out on when we forget to reflect? We get fed so much information that we don’t even know how to process it; we get so busy contributing and being productive that we never take time to step back and look at our work.

Last weekend’s RA retreat challenged us to live in rhythm, with room for diligence and room for Sabbath. Sabbath is reflection to me, a recognition of time set apart for something beyond the everyday.

Thank God for places in life set apart for reflection – like my comfy thrift store kimono, favorite well-worn bicycle paths, an obscure teahouse, blank pages hungry for thoughtful ink, the delicate needle of a record player, the warmth of a kitchen as dinner is prepared, and a lotus flower that silently reminds me to be perpetually in awe of life.

And when Sabbath comes in the midst of the everyday… we reflect without even knowing it.


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3 thoughts on “sabbath and reflection

  1. It’s so true… so much of our lives are spent trying not to waste time, to be productive, to not fall behind. I think what was really on my heart at the retreat was how I can be intentional about my time when I’m not busy. Not only scheduling time off, but using that time to refresh my body, my mind, and my spirit intead of just placating myself with mind-numbing activities.

  2. Hello. I like your brain.

  3. I loved the Sabbath book! When I first started reading it I thought of it as an assignment and was rushing through a book about rest. I found the irony in that very quickly, slowed down, and learned sooo much. I’m glad you are reading it and liking the “sex class.”

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