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the pilgrimage: Henri Nouwen and my own topsy-turvy little heart

Hmm. Some thoughts.

So, certain individuals have called for an update.
The problem is, I feel like there is way too much on my mind right now to create any kind of cohesive and coherent message to convey all that’s been happening the last little bit of life…

We’ll start with this: The world is good. Life is good. Sometimes they get hard and sometimes they get confusing, but goodness abounds.

I love my module. I keep realizing this fact, and the fact that my module loves me, more and more.

MLK Day was a good one. I bicycled, marched for peace, played with children, visited friends, had some tea, and stopped by a car wash fundraiser to get the bicycle clean. I find that some of my favorite people are those that I interact with for about three minutes… A wave is more than enough to share a bit of friendship.

“Sex class,” or rather Theological Ethics of Conflict and Peacemaking, is great. It has been stretching, affirming, challenging, strengthening, turning upside down my own ways of viewing human sexuality. Yes, it gets frustrating when I find myself one of the most liberal people in the room – but this is growth.

I miss Laura Adams. I am so happy for her to be living out life in a bold and unconventional way. But I still miss her and the comfort she so lovingly brings to my troubled mind. Sigh…

I think I finally settled on a New Year’s Resolution… seeking out friends who are different from me. Whether that comes in the context of belief, personality, language, image, life goal, or whatever else plummets me out of my own comfort zone, I am ready to have friends unlike me. Honestly I am becoming very tired of continually being with people who are so like me – usually white, Protestant, middle or upper class. There is nothing inherently wrong with them, with me, but I just feel very ready to know more people unlike me.

Jesus for President! The tour is coming to Fresno on July 12, and I am incredibly excited to be on the planning team for this wonderful occurrence. On the agenda: potluck, veggie oil, fliers, music, political imagination… Can you get any better than that?!?

For Lent, I am nearly convinced that I won’t be buying anything for myself. No purchases for me, unless in an emergency. This means I’ll need to stock up beforehand and be very conscientious about my habits. If Lent is a time to examine the things that distract us from seeking God, this fits perfectly. Should be fun. : )

I am currently listening to Norah Jones and wishing I could sing a bit more like her. Today in jazz band I took an unsolicited scat solo – not great, but it’s a step for me!

And now, to conclude.

“Do you think that one of the reasons why people hate The Da Vinci Code so much is that, if Jesus had a baby with Mary Magdalene, he can’t be their boyfriend?”
courtesy of Robert Jost


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6 thoughts on “Hmm. Some thoughts.

  1. Thanks for the update :) As always, I loved reading it!I think you should start a blog surrounding our “wrinkles” conversation. I’ve been thinking more about that myself…

  2. Jessica Mast, I miss you an incredible amount. I miss taking with you about everything on my mind… I understand that it’s frustrating to feel like the most liberal person in the room, I feel like that here a lot. But I am incredibly stoked that I will be home for the Jesus for president tour!!!! Please keep me updated on that and if there is any way I will be able to help because I’ll be back in the valley on june 29th. I freaking miss you!

  3. Jessica,That “Jesus is my boyfriend” bit is very good. Insightful. Confessions of a contemporary worship leader: I wonder if what people are looking for when I lead them is a rekindling of their adolescent romanticized (classical romanticism) feelings of infatuation in a Jesus-n-me relationship reminiscent of their first boyfriend/girlfriend. That doesn’t celebrate a very big God. I don’t think I see David doing that in the praise manual of the Jews either (Psalms). There’s a lot to unpack in the last sentence of your post.I hope you don’t mind a stuffy old professor hangin’ out here once-in-a-while. Love the blog.Tim

  4. Yeah sex class! I was thinking, maybe your search for friends who are different than you could start right there, with a class full of people who see the world and faith in a radically different way than you. Considering you’ll be encountering people like them for, well, ever, taking a look inside of their worldviews could be really valuable. Also, hearing your voice could be something incredibly good for them, as it has been for me. I have been thinking about the lent thing, and I’m not sure how it is going to play out in my life, but I’m excited to start thinking unconventionally about even the religious traditions that I don’t understand. So thanks for that. Also, I freaking love you.

  5. Jessica Mast! I love your thoughts.good idea for Lent.I, too, have been noticing the good. despite all the crap and such…there is much good. not so much of the idea “God’s fingerprints are everywhere”…but more of the “our fingerprints are all over what He made”.anyhow. I’m glad I know you.

  6. Hi Jess.. you certainly are on a wonderful journey with your life!

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