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the pilgrimage: Henri Nouwen and my own topsy-turvy little heart


These last two weeks have been fraught with new adventures… They say there’s a first time for everything, and that time has been quite enjoyable.
Recently I have:

… spontaneous Table Mountain visit that got me $3 poorer and fairly depressed at the sight of so many people hoping for something they probably will never receive, staring at their individual screens, only slightly more advanced than a really bad arcade game.

Mailed a package to Canada!
… I love Laura Adams.

Gone skiing!
… the bruises are worth my sense of accomplishment. I learned to glide downhill, even if that meant a lot of crashing into the sides of the trail… at least the snow was soft, right?

Bought a dozen roses on Valentine’s Day!
… I love my friends.

Helped make a film!
… no, not professional – but entertaining and incredibly fun? Yes.

Ran away from an oncoming train and sat on a rickety bridge platform while it sped by!
… mmhmm, exhilirating. Go try it sometime, I will gladly go with you!

Visited a synagogue!
… favorite moment: learning that the Hebrew writing above the altar reads simply, “for the love of truth and peace.”

Eaten a veggie sandwich at a ribs joint!
… delicious.

Watched a Vietnamese film!
Three Seasons, see it if you get a chance and have a desire to see many beautiful lotus flowers.

Spun and danced crazily on a pier above the Pacific Ocean in a blustery windstorm!
… okay, maybe not windstorm, but it was intense. I thought I might blow away. If our day retreat was all about figuring out what sexy is, it was captured in that moment of liberation above the waves.

New adventures are good ones.


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2 thoughts on “Firsts.

  1. that sounds like a great adventure. lets make that new one this week sometime. how does monday night sound?? it would be great!

  2. You bring me an immeasurable amount of joy. You are beautifully fantastic!

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