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the pilgrimage: Henri Nouwen and my own topsy-turvy little heart


From my journal on May 19:

“Today can only be categorized as absolutely bizarre.

We rode another night train and arrived in Hanoi around 5:30 am – walked around the strangely empty city without motorbikes – stopped into a pagoda service and Catholic mass – wondered if the people realized that the hymn they sing sounds horribly mournful to Western ears – stopped in for some tai chi and communal street aerobics – encountered multiple towels that can only cover about one shoulder – had a very awkward lunch complete with fish body, skin, eyes, and extra eggs, as well as a few chicken heads – again was attempted to be set up with a random Vietnamese man at least thirty years old – started off on an innocent “walk” through the rice paddies that transformed into the need to take off my mud-soaked shoes and instead trek for a very very long time barefoot in the alternating sensations of squishy mud and sharply painful rocks – had another awkward meal in which the presence of French fries was more redeeming than ever before – participated in a “cultural exchange” where many singers graced us with their lovely tonal and entirely unintelligible vocal skills.

New favorite song: Vietnam! Ho Chi Minh!”


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One thought on “Bizarre.

  1. oh dear… eating odd animal parts is always an adventure. When one of the girls on my team was sick our peruvian mom made her some chicken soup but when Sarah was ladling it out, there was a whole chicken foot, claws and all.

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