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jesus for president. the book, the tour, the wonder of it all.

— shane claiborne, chris haw, some psalters, and friends roll into town to shake things up. you should definitely be there.

7 pm
july 12
cornerstone youth eenter
stanislaus and l street
downtown fresno
(it’s free too!)

— provoking the political imagination
— subverting the empire
— living in community
— taking politics beyond what we think they are capable of
— making our own clothes
— rethinking the way we understand justice
— learning how to create peace creatively
— eating locally and organically
— running on veggie oil
— getting into a Christianity that is more about peace, justice, and living simply than it is about telling smokers and gay people that the kingdom of God does not belong to them
–and befriending our enemies while we do it all.

— it’s not about how we VOTE on november 4, but how we LIVE on november 3 and november 5.

— — — 559.304.3652


This is what I want to be.


A trailer for an upcoming documentary from Jamie Moffett, exploring a peculiar kind of Christianity being born in homes and playgrounds and shelters and gardens across the empire.

And please note the soundtrack.
Anybody else on board?

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