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the pilgrimage: Henri Nouwen and my own topsy-turvy little heart

Beyond Sadhana Forest, day one.

Saturday night I didn’t get much sleep. Actually, I didn’t sleep at all.

There was a smashing reggae dance party that extended deep into the evening/morning, a joyous Delta Spirit-accompanied toilet stirring session in the dark, quiet Internet errand time, wonderful much-needed conversation with Julia and Andrew via the comforting bleeps of Facebook chat, some really solid early morning photograph time with colors so vivid I can’t figure out why I never had appreciated them this much the whole month prior… and a climb up our water tower to soak up the last morning of Sadhana Forest from a reflective perch, seeing the whole picture of the home I was leaving…

That glorious combination makes up for the lack of sleep, I think.

Last night I said my exceedingly, embarrassingly tearful goodbyes and walked out to Koot Road to grab a bus to Pondicherry full of giggling young girls shouting “HOW ARE YOU!” and gentle mothers trying to convince their little boys to wave to me instead of the easier act of simply staring at the sight of a really, really pale individual.

I crashed at 9:00, choosing to care only about fixing my sleep deprivation and not much else. I chose not to care about the condition of the room I found at Ajantha Lodge, because at $4.50 a night for a decent bed and a private toilet, and some free incense, budget-seekers can’t be choosers.

Well, maybe they can – but really sleepy budget-seekers shouldn’t be choosers.

Today is an amble around the city, grabbing samosas, chai, band-aids, pomegranate juice, mysterious but always tasty Indian treats, some antibiotics for a swollen foot, a new bag, postage to get rid of some the weight in my pack, and a taste of this coastal French-esque town before heading on an overnight bus to Bangalore.

Into the great wide open!


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2 thoughts on “Beyond Sadhana Forest, day one.

  1. The doctor that we are working with here in Mori (which is in Narsapur) is from Bangalore! He says it’s great there and wants to take us sometime.Hope you have fun over there! I’ll try to ask him about some good places to go while you’re there.

  2. Jess! what an adventure. you make me want to be there too. heh. I have much to hear from you when you get back. :)

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