The Inner Voice of Who Knows What

the pilgrimage: Henri Nouwen and my own topsy-turvy little heart

The Inner Voice of Love: a journey with Nouwen

Dear readers,
Here’s the deal.

I want to be authentic.
I want to move through layers of humility, pride, false humility, false pride, self-loathing, self-loving, self-doubting, and dig deep into my identity that is in only FULL in God, and in God’s good good good good love.

Seems like life lately has been more confusing than usual…
Post- college, post- Pink House urban leadership internship, post- two relationships that promised good but left me broken, post- this burning desire to have it all together and live my life pleasing others.

My identity has for so long been wrapped up in one or the other of these pursuits, and it’s time to find it again without so much of these external qualifiers.

Henri Nouwen has kindly agreed to walk with me along the way…
The Inner Voice of Love: A Journey Through Anguish to Freedom, published in ’96 but written in ’87-’88, represents a deeply personal journal during Henri’s time of  “extreme anguish.” Not the most lucrative thing to let the world see, this darkness washing over one of the world’s great spiritual writers.

But dear Henri chose to share – and has inspired me to share, as I process through this dark time in my own walk. This blog represents a journey – unfinished as hell! – but hopefully at times humorous, at times helpful, and at times hopeful to you.

From November 26 to December 31, I will be writing.
Every day, we’ll read one or two of Henri’s “spiritual imperative” chapters, skipping Friday as shabbat.
I’ll copy the chapters here so you can read along with me, and reflect as honestly as I can from my own humble and fragile little heart.
Might be a sermon, might be a sentence, might be a blrrrgghlfnk.

Who knows what will happen.
All I know is that I love to write – and I give my heart voice when I write.
Thank you for walking with me as my inner voice may speak up, whisper timidly, shout like crazy on its soapbox, or perhaps just blubber at times.

Shalom to you.


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